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How it works?

Option 1
Real BNB betting on the blockchain. Spin the wheel and multiply your bets up to 10x.
Option 2
100 weekly lottery tickets and 5 winners. Bitcoin price determines winners.
Option 3
Invest against gamblers. Deposit BNB and earn unsuccessful bets and additional rewards.
Option 4
Stake NFTs to earn fees and other daily rewards.
Real Yield

Boletux NFTs

Road Map

The Journey of Boletux (Beta)

Launch of the Boletux website and the possibility of minting the NFT commemorating the launch for free.
Launch of BNB bets.
Dec 2023 - Feb 2024
New EVM networks available
Collection of NFTs available on the Marketplace, launch of the BNB vault, lottery tickets available and start of the incentives in the Prizes section.
Airdrop winners and claim the rewards. New requirements to qualify for the second airdrop.

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