BNB Bets

Option 1
All bets are placed on the blockchain, there are no algorithms, it just depends on the price of Bitcoin. Two chances to bet (Even or Odd) with a 50% guaranteed probability. Get up to x1O!


Choose BNB Amount

The maximum allowed bet amount is 5 BNB (no minimum limits). You need to have the BNB in your wallet (Bet amount and gas)


Choose "Even" or "Odd"

Confirm your bet with a 50% real chance of winning. If you win, you will double the BNB amount of the bet.


Spin and multiply your prize

Spin the wheel and get your prize multiplier. Confirm the bet and sign the transaction with your wallet.


Claim your rewards

Claim BNB rewards from your winning bets. You will receive your prizes instantly after your bets.

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